The Rise of the False Messiah & the Mark of the Beast – Daniel 11 – Rabbi David Schiller – 9/17/22

Rabbi Schiller looks at Daniel 11 today – the Rise of the False Messiah & the Mark of the Beast, showing how Antiochus in Dan 11 is a type and picture of the False Messiah to come. We look at the Roman origins of the Mark of the Beast under Emperor Domitian, and our call to perseverance, resistance, and to maintaining our steadfast hope in the Return of Messiah Yeshua.

The Handwriting on the Wall – Daniel 5 – Rabbi David Schiller – July 2, 2022

In Chapter 5 of Daniel, Rabbi Schiller looks at the passage of the Handwriting on the Wall, whereby we’re all weighed in the balance and one day must give an account, and we’re called to be a living writing, a living epistle, written not on tablets of stone, but on the heart.