Eitz Chaim welcomes all to stay for our oneg lunch, held immediately after our Shabbat service!

As a Messianic Jewish congregation, Eitz Chaim observes the Biblical kosher dietary laws. In order to facilitate the widest number of dietary concerns, our oneg fellowship meal on Saturdays (and other on-site congregational events) is broadly pareve (neutral), with dairy products and fish served together. We also permit poultry (chicken and turkey).

You are encouraged to contribute to the oneg! Please do check any pre-packaged or processed food item for a hechsher or kosher seal of approval, indicating some kosher supervision in its production. Many processed food items or baked goods are made with ingredients that can have non-kosher byproducts. Generally speaking, we look for Rabbinic certification on all baked goods, cake mixes, candies, desserts, puddings, breakfast cereals, dressings, frostings, ice creams, relishes, condiments, preserves, sauces, ground spices, pastas, canned fish, margarine, etc.

Questions about the food items you wish to contribute to the oneg can be submitted using the form below. We also need regular volunteers for the kitchen, who can help with food preparation before and during the service. You can sign up via the form below as well.