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Coming in Clouds with Great Power & Glory - Mark, Part 29 - Rabbi David Schiller - November 13, 2021

In Part 29 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller looks at Y’Shua’s discussion of the Second Coming and how it can transform the way we engage society; our own personal ethics; and our ability to forgive others, as we look to Y’Shua the Judge who took our Judgment Day and was judged on our behalf.

David's Son & David's Lord - Mark, Part 28 - Rabbi David Schiller - October 30, 2021

In Part 28 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller looks at the last part of chapter 12, where the Messiah is shown to be both David’s son & David’s Lord, because He is Divine. We also look at the widow’s mite, who trusted God to give her all, whereas many of us refuse to trust because we want to retain control.

The Greatest Commandment - Mark, Part 27 - Rabbi David Schiller - October 16, 2021

In Part 27 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at Y’Shua’s discussion of the greatest commandment, and explores how Y’Shua redefines both the content and the motive of Law-Keeping, and how a true motivation for the same can only flow out of heart already madly in love with the LORD.

In the Afterlife, Whose Wife will she be? - Mark, Part 26 - Rabbi Schiller - October 9th, 2021

In Part 26 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller looks at the passage where Y’Shua rebukes the Sadducees for not believing in the Resurrection, telling them that they know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God. Here we see God’s amazing, personal love for us, as the God of the living, and Yeshua as our ultimate Bridegroom.

Render Unto Caesar - Mark, Part 25 - Rabbi Schiller - October 2, 2021

In Part 25 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at where Y’Shua is asked if it’s lawful to pay taxes to Caesar. Y’Shua responds that we should give to Caesar what has his image (the coin), but give to God what has His image on it (you and I, made in His image).

Triumphal Entry - Mark, Part 24 - Rabbi Schiller - September 18th, 2021

In Part 24 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at the Triumphal Entry, where the people hail Yeshua as the coming Messianic King, the stone which the builders rejected, which has now become the chief cornerstone. We also look at the cleansing of the Temple, again making it a House of Prayer, the cursing of the fig tree, and an admonition for us to bear much fruit.

The Rich Young Ruler - Mark, Part 23 - Rabbi David Schiller - September 4, 2021

In Part 23 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller looks at the story of the Rich Young Ruler, where we see that no one – not even the Rich Young Ruler – is good, and how we can give up our idols only if we see Y’Shua as our ultimate treasure – our Treasure in Heaven.

Shabbat Morning Service - August 28, 2021

Join Richard and Carolyn, Israeli citizens, who will bring a timely word from Zion. Learn what God is doing in Israel now and why this is vital to you as a believer.

A Ransom For Many - Mark, Part 22 - Rabbi David Schiller - August 21, 2021

In Part 22 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller explores what it means for Y’Shua to have given His life as a ransom for many, and how we must connect to this by becoming as little children.

Behold the Kingdom - George Reninger - August 7, 2021

A declaration that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is defined, is visible in attitude & actions, is originating from his spirit within us, and is expressed outwardly in & through our community.