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The Rise of the False Messiah & the Mark of the Beast - Daniel 11 - Rabbi David Schiller - 9/17/22

Rabbi Schiller looks at Daniel 11 today – the Rise of the False Messiah & the Mark of the Beast, showing how Antiochus in Dan 11 is a type and picture of the False Messiah to come. We look at the Roman origins of the Mark of the Beast under Emperor Domitian, and our call to perseverance, resistance, and to maintaining our steadfast hope in the Return of Messiah Yeshua.

Spiritual Warfare - Daniel 10 - Rabbi David Schiller - September 10, 2022

Rabbi Schiller examines Daniel 10 and the theme of the unseen world of spiritual warfare and the power of prayer, as shown by Daniel. When we pray, we unleash the very powers of Heaven, for the weapons of our warfare are not flesh, but divinely powerful for the pulling down of strongholds.

The 70 Weeks - Daniel 9, Part 2 - Rabbi David Schiller - September 3, 2022

Rabbi Schiller looks at the famous prophesy of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9, and walks through 2 alternative calculations, showing how they both point to the time of Yeshua as the Messiah!

Intercessory Prayer - Daniel 9 - Rabbi David Schiller - August 13, 2022

Rabbi Schiller looks at the first half of Daniel 9 today, at Daniel’s prayer as a model of intercession, showing how Daniel focused on Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication, and calling us to likewise be prayer warriors who partner with God to pray the future into being.

The Little Horn - Daniel 8 - Rabbi David Schiller - August 6, 2022

In his series on Daniel, Rabbi Schiller looks at chapter 8 today, focusing on prophesies of Alexander the Great and Antiochus Epiphanes, as pictures of the power and character of the final False Messiah to come. We are to expect persecution, but rest in the sure hope of the Return of King Messiah Yeshua to establish His promised Kingdom on earth.

Come and Take It, It's Time to Claim It - Shaul Katzav - July 30, 2022

How much do we trust God when we walk in the valley of the shadow of death?

The Son of Man - Daniel 7 - Rabbi David Schiller - July 23, 2022

In Chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel, Rabbi Schiller looks at the coming world empires, their judgment, and the coming of the Son of Man, Y’Shua, in the clouds of Heaven, to take up His rule and reign forever and ever!

The Lion’s Den - Daniel 6 - Rabbi David Schiller - July 16, 2022

Rabbi Schiller looks at Daniel 6 and the famous story of the lions’ den, looking at themes of envy of others; prayer and intimacy with God; and the willingness to suffer for Messiah’s Name sake.

The Handwriting on the Wall - Daniel 5 - Rabbi David Schiller - July 2, 2022

In Chapter 5 of Daniel, Rabbi Schiller looks at the passage of the Handwriting on the Wall, whereby we’re all weighed in the balance and one day must give an account, and we’re called to be a living writing, a living epistle, written not on tablets of stone, but on the heart.

The 12 Spies and the Great Commission" by Samuel Wearp - June 25, 2022

The 12 spies returned from their trip and told the truth, but they weren’t heeding God’s call to action. Yeshua chose for Himself 12 disciples. He told them to go and spread the good news. Today, we are still under that commission from Yeshua. Are we bringing the good message of redemption to the world? Or are we acting like the spies of old, delaying salvation?

God Opposes the Proud - Daniel 4 - Rabbi David Schiller - June 11, 2022

Rabbi Schiller looks at Daniel 4 and Nebuchadnezzar’s journey from Pride to Humility, and how Pride claims to be the author of that which is really a gift, whereas Humility sees everything in life as a gift from God.