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A Ransom For Many - Mark, Part 22 - Rabbi David Schiller - August 21, 2021

In Part 22 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller explores what it means for Y’Shua to have given His life as a ransom for many, and how we must connect to this by becoming as little children.

Behold the Kingdom - George Reninger - August 7, 2021

A declaration that the Kingdom of God/Heaven is defined, is visible in attitude & actions, is originating from his spirit within us, and is expressed outwardly in & through our community.

The Transfiguration - Mark, Part 21 - David Schiller - July 17th, 2021

In Part 21 of his Mark Series, Rabbi Schiller looks at the Transfiguration & the healing of the demon-possessed boy, looking at the nature of the glory of God and the nature of faith, suffering, and sacrifice.

Whoever wants to save their life will lose it - Mark, Part 20 - David Schiller - July 10th, 2021

In Part 20 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller looks at Peter’s great confession of faith; Y’Shua’s resolve to go to the Cross and why He had to suffer and die; and His call for each of us to likewise deny ourselves; take up our Cross; and follow Him.

Mark – Part 19 – Open My Eyes - David Schiller - July 3, 2021

In Part 19 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at Mark 8 and the two-stage healing of the blind man, showing how we’re all spiritually blind to our own inadequacy and myth of self-sufficiency, and like the Apostles themselves, we often need to receive our spiritual sight in stages.

Follow Me , the call of the disciple - Earl Smith - June 26, 2021

The voice of the Mashiach is calling… will you answer

Mark – Part 18 – The Children’s Bread - David Schiller - June 19, 2021

In Part 18 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller looks at the stories of the Syro-Phoenecian woman and the healing of the deaf-mute in Mark 7, focusing on the humble assertiveness of the woman who persists on petitioning Y’Shua, even for the crumbs from the table, and the death & resurrection of Messiah that accomplished our healing

Mark - Part 17 - What Goes Out of a Person is what Defiles him - David Schiller - June 12, 2021

In Part 17 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at Mark 7 and the claim that Yeshua declared all foods clean. This message discusses how what defiles you comes from within, from your heart, and thus you cannot cleanse yourself, but rather you need a new heart.

It is Written – Mark, Part 16 – David Schiller – June, 5 2021

In Part 16 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at Mark 7 & Y’Shua’s view of the Scriptures, showing how the ultimate purpose of the Bible is for Yeshua to capture your heart, and for you to fall in love with Yeshua, who’s the person at the center of every narrative in the Bible.

Mark – Part 15 – The Good Shepherd - Rabbi David Schiller - May 29, 2021

In Part 15 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at the feeding of the 5000, focusing on Y’Shua as the Good Shepherd who brings a different kind of revolution than what the Jewish people and the world were expecting, based on blessing His enemies and dying for our sins.