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Rosh Hashanah Day 2023 - Welcoming the King’s Presence - Rabbi David Schiller - September 16, 2023

For Rosh Hashanah Day, where we welcome King Messiah’s Presence into our midst, Rabbi Schiller looks at the account of the bringing of the Ark of God into Jerusalem, and how the Ark both shows us the chasm between us and God, with the death of Uzzah, but also the Provision of the Gospel, with the Mercy Seat, resulting in David dancing before the LORD.

I John – Part 7 – Love Not the World - Rabbi David Schiller - September 2, 2023

In Part 7 of his series on I John, Rabbi Schiller examines the exhortation not to love the world or the things in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, or the boastful pride of life, and he looks at true Assurances of saving faith.

I John – Part 6 – Knowing God - Rabbi David Schiller - August 26, 2023

In Part 6 of his series on the Epistle of I John, Rabbi Schiller looks at chapter 2 and the theme of having Assurance of knowing the LORD through an internal witness of the Spirit and the external tests of godly behavior, loving the brethren, and embracing the Gospel.

The Man In The Arena - Shaul Katzav - August 19, 2023

What is the most essential action to do when it seems that the whole world is against you?

I John – Part 5 – Y’Shua our Advocate - Rabbi David Schiller - August 5, 2023

In Part 5 of his series on the Epistle of I John, Rabbi Schiller looks at the distinctives of fellowship with God, including delighting in His Presence, having 2-way communication, losing your freedom to gain a greater freedom, relationships with other Believers, and wanting others to know God, too, all made possible by Y’Shua being our Advocate and Atoning Sacrifice.

I John – Part 4 – The Blood of Messiah Cleanses us from all sin - July 29, 2023

In Part 4 of his series on I John, Rabbi Schiller looks at the inherent nature of our sin, whereby we all have sin and do sin, but that the blood of Messiah helps to keep us from sinning and cleanses us when we do sin.

That Your Joy May Be Complete – 1 John, Part 2 – Rabbi David Schiller - July 1, 2023

In Part 2 of his series on I John, Rabbi Schiller looks at the Prologue to the Epistle and John’s great theme of knowing the LORD and how we can have assurance of this, and refuting the false assurance of Cheap Grace and Easy Believism.

I John – Part 1 – Eternal Life & Everlasting Joy - Rabbi David Schiller - June 17, 2023

Rabbi Schiller begins a new series today on the Epistle of I John. I John is a series of tests to enable us to be sure of our salvation. The Prologue discusses Y’Shua as the source of eternal life and everlasting love and that fellowship with God and supernatural joy is possible in Him.

Proverbs – Part 20 – Honor your Father and Mother - Rabbi David Schiller - June 3, 2023

In the 20th & final Part of his series on Proverbs, Rabbi Schiller looks at the theme of Honor your father and mother -- how parents are to teach their children through discipline and love, and how children are to honor and respect their parents, as both operate within a learning community built on a Covenant of lifetime loyalty.

Shavuot 2023 – The Burning Bush - Rabbi David Schiller - May 27, 2023

For Shavuot, Rabbi Schiller looks at the story of the Burning Bush and how we, like Moses, need "Burning Bushes" in our life to cause us to turn aside and seek God. We likewise need to take off our shoes in the Presence of God’s holiness, and can stand in His Presence only due to the Angel of the LORD in the midst of the bush – Messiah Y’Shua. When His Spirit indwells us with tongues of fire, we, too, become burning bushes!

Proverbs – Part 19 – The Fear of the LORD - Rabbi David Schiller - May 13, 2023

In Part 19 of his series on Proverbs, Rabbi Schiller looks at the theme of the fear of the LORD, both the negative aspect of dread and trembling and terror that keeps us from sin, and the positive aspect of awe and wonder and amazement at Y’Shua’s love for us, which compels us to never want to disappoint or sin against or grieve Him.