Mark – Part 18 – The Children’s Bread – David Schiller – June 19, 2021

In Part 18 of his series on Mark, Rabbi Schiller looks at the stories of the Syro-Phoenecian woman and the healing of the deaf-mute in Mark 7, focusing on the humble assertiveness of the woman who persists on petitioning Y’Shua, even for the crumbs from the table, and the death & resurrection of Messiah that accomplished our healing

Mark – Part 17 – What Goes Out of a Person is what Defiles him – David Shchiller – June 12, 2021

In Part 17 of his Mark series, Rabbi Schiller looks at Mark 7 and the claim that Yeshua declared all foods clean. This message discusses how what defiles you comes from within, from your heart, and thus you cannot cleanse yourself, but rather you need a new heart.