“Rabbi Schiller discusses Romans 10 today with a call to Evangelism and to fulfill the Great Commission – to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.”

“Rabbi Schiller looks at the 2nd ½ of Romans 9 today, focusing on the Jewishness of Paul’s message, his passionate heart for his fellow Jews’ salvation, and the Hebraic meaning of faith being linked to faithfulness in both outward action and inner heart attitude.”

“Rabbi Schiller continues his series on Romans by looking at how we can grow through Suffering by processing it through Prayer, seeing the biblical Pattern of Death & Resurrection, and having an Eternal Perspective.”

“In his continuing series on Romans, Rabbi Schiller looks at Rom 8:28, and discusses how God uses our bad things to work for good, and through our suffering, makes us more Messiah-like.”

“Rabbi Schiller looks at Rom 9 today and the issues of Jewish Salvation, Jewish Election, God’s Sovereignty, Man’s Free Will, and the Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart, with an admonition for us not to likewise harden our own hearts.”