Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.
John 14:21

Bnei Mitzvah class is only for those students preparing to Bar/Bat Mitzvah. If students do not wish to fully participate, we ask that you do not bring them to this class.

Bnei Mitzvah involves studies in Bible, Bible memory, Hebrew, and canting, and excelling in this includes daily homework (approximately 15 minutes per day). This is required.

The following textbook is required for this class: My Messianic Jewish Bar/Bat Mitzvah Student Workbook by Elisa Norman. Please bring this book to class every Shabbat.

For teachers and/or for parents working with your students at home, the following Teacher’s Guide is required: My Messianic Jewish Bar/Bat Mitzvah Teacher’s Guide by Elisa Norman, Lindsay Aynne Henderson, and Rachel Norman.

Both books are available at They are listed at $14. When we have supplies of the books at the shul, you may take the book/s for no cost. Please ask Elisa Norman if you need one.

TO BAR/BAT MITZVAH the following qualifications must be met:

1) This is approximately a 2-3 year commitment which involves parental support and involvement. Parents must inform the Bnei Mitzvah Director of student's intent to Bar/Bat Mitzvah and submit birthday and parasha. Director can assist with determining parasha if needed.

2) Completion of all 85 lessons and homework in the Student Workbook. Homework is checked every 6-7 weeks (on Quiz or Test days) by teachers in the class or, if students are homeschooling, completed work must be shown to the Bnei Mitzvah Director by students or parents every 6-7 weeks, concurrent with the in-person class's Quiz and Test days.

3) Completion includes knowing the Hebrew vocabulary listed in the Student Workbook.

4) Completion includes memorizing the Bible verses listed in the Student Workbook.

5) Completion of the Quizzes and Tests on a Pass/Fail basis, with 70% being a Passing grade. This includes lesson content, Hebrew words, and Bible verses. For homeschooling students, parents will need the Teacher's Guide and will need to submit completed quizzes and tests to the Bnei Mitzvah Director.

6) Completion of Service Project (see Unit 6 in the Student Workbook). The service project is directed by parents, who will inform the Bnei Mitzvah Director of the details of the project.

7) Six months before Bar/Bat Mitzvah, parents must schedule a meeting with the Bnei Mitzvah Director and the Cantor to discuss and assess student preparedness and plan details for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

8) One month through one week prior, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah will practice with the Cantor.

9) The Bar/Bat Mitzvah will cant his/her parasha from the Torah scroll and then read it in English, doing the blessings before and after the reading, and deliver a 5-10 minute mini-drash they have written themselves. Parents may help but may not write it for them. Parasha must be canted, not just read.

Questions about Bar/Bat Mitzvah can be submitted using the form below: