“Deuteronomy – Part 1 – The Fire of God” by David Schiller – July 30, 2016

Rabbi Schiller begins a new series on Deuteronomy. Today he discusses God as a Covenant God, including His complex attributes of Loving Jealousy, Hatred of Idolatry, and being a Consuming Fire.

“Our Sin, God’s Regeneration” by David Schiller – April 30, 2016

In Part 3 of Rabbi Schiller’s series on The Cross & Salvation, he explores our lost state, current deadly destination and need for a Savior, and then shows how God regenerates us and enables us to respond in repentance and faith in Y’Shua the Messiah.

“O Death, Where is Thy Sting?” by David Schiller – April 23, 2016

Rabbi Schiller delivers a special message on the Resurrection. Addressing both skeptics and Believers, this message focuses on the certainty and the shape of the future that the Resurrection brings, as well as a challenge to repent and believe.

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