July 14, 2018 – “No One Seeks God.” – by David Schiller

“In Part 4 of his series on Romans, Rabbi Schiller looks at Romans 3 and the universality of sin, for both Jews & Gentiles, with an emphasis on inward heart motives, finding that the ultimate cure is in rediscovering the fear of the LORD.”

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June 23, 2018 – “The Failure of Religion.” – by David Schiller

“In Part 3 of his Romans series, Rabbi Schiller looks at Romans 2 and the inadequacy of even the best religious system, the Law of Moses. Instead, we need a New Heart, a Circumcised Heart, which we can receive through Y’Shua the Messiah, who was cut-off for us.”

June 16, 2018 – “Heart of Darkness” – by David Schiller

“In Part 2 of his new series of Romans, Rabbi Schiller looks at Romans 1 and our heart of darkness, whereby we’re prone to idols in our life and our foolish hearts become darkened. The only answer is transformation through the Gospel, whereby our deepest desires are satisfied and our hearts long for the LORD and forever praise Him.”

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