March 31, 2018 – “Y’Shua – the First Fruits of the Resurrection.” – by David Schiller

“In connection with the Feast of First Fruits, Rabbi Schiller looks at the Resurrection today, showing us ways to overcome our doubts by listening to the eyewitnesses, realizing that Yeshua is seeking you as much as you’re seeking Him, and understanding the deeper meaning of His wounds.”

March 24, 2018 – “My God, My God, Why have You Forsaken Me?” – by David Schiller

“In preparation for Passover, Rabbi Schiller looks at the Passion of Messiah, Y’Shua’s cry of forsakenness on the Cross, and its fulfillment in Ps. 22, which ultimately grounds our own passion and obedience as our response to Y’Shua’s final words, “It is finished!”

March 17, 2018 – “Jerusalem – What’s all the fuss?” – by Akiva Cohen

“This talk will focus on the prophetic nature of God’s Promises to Jerusalem and the Jewish People, and how we’re seeing more and more of the puzzle pieces to the End Times and the Return of Messiah fall into place.”

March 10, 2018 – “The Gospel for Skeptics.” – by David Schiller

“Rabbi Schiller addresses objections to the Gospel, showing how it is historical reportage, not legend; is often misunderstood due to one’s cultural blinders and the assumed superiority of one’s own cultural moment; and how treating it as authoritative is the only way to have a personal relationship with God.”

March 3, 2018 – “Hacking Agag to Pieces – To Obey is Better than Sacrifice.” – by David Schiller

“Rabbi Schiller’s special Purim drash focuses on the failure of Saul to kill King Agag, which eventually allowed Haman to come to power, as a template for our own lives, not to compromise or give any place to sin, which will result in spiritual strongholds, but to take every thought, word, attitude and action captive to Messiah Yeshua.”

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