January 13, 2018 – “Messianic Musketeers: All for One, One for All” – by Vladimir Pikman

According to the divine design everybody is essential for a congregation to grow.

January 6, 2018 – “EC Vision 2018 – A Spirit-Empowered Congregation” – by David Schiller

Rabbi Schiller casts the vision for EC for 2018, focusing on the Glory, Gifts & Grace that Messiah has placed corporately in the local Messianic congregation, and the need for a Spirit-empowered Revival and Renewal

December 30, 2017 – “The Lordship of Y’Shua” – by David Schiller

Rabbi Schiller looks at ways where we subtly substitute ourselves as Sovereign, and practical challenges and suggestions for how to crown Y’Shua as LORD and give Him our all.

December 16, 2017 – “Enduring Persecution” – by David Schiller

“Rabbi Schiller concludes his mini-series on the Book of Hebrews with a special drash for Chanukah. He discusses the martyrs of the faith, and how we can endure persecution by fixing our hope on the Resurrection.”

December 9, 2017 – “The Kingdom of God” – by Andrew Green

How the Kingdom of God affords man the capability of realizing some of the benefits of The Kingdom of Heaven…, while on earth.

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