Guildlines for Oneg

Please Read Carefully!
If you have questions please feel free to speak with Meg Johnson, Elizabeth Schiller, or Dan Boron.
Guidelines for Oneg with brief explanation
Purpose of Oneg is to observe Shabbat
not spending money or doing business on Shabbat
(see*Messianic Judaism Class – Student Book).
  • Parve Kosher – No pork, chicken, red meats, crustaceans.
  • Acceptable foods – Dairy & eggs, salmon, tuna, pasta, rice, vegetables, fruit.
  • Unacceptable – Catfish, Marshmallow, Jello, gelatin products.
  • Bakery products – only baked goods with Kosher symbols.
Please visit
Oneg in the menu bar for more information.
Contribute “Ready to serve” dishes for Oneg. Foods need to be already cleaned, cut and ready to serve “as is”.
  • Helpful if you provide a serving dish.
  • Disposable dishes are encouraged.
  • Only salmon, salad & bagels are finished in the kitchen.
  • Crackers & chips contributed can be placed on Eitz Chaim dishes. If you use Eitz Chaim dishes, you will need to help with clean up after Oneg.
  • If a contributed food needs morning prep, members are welcome to finish their dish between 9:30-10:15 AM. If a dish from Eitz Chaim is used – please help clean up after Oneg.
  • Foods dropped off needing preparation will not be finished or served.
10:40 am -1:00 PM
Please give volunteers space between 1:00 PM and 1:15 time to get Oneg serving tables ready. Non kitchen staff not allowed in kitchen area.  This compromises the safety and efficiency of set up. Please keep children & youth from running in the kitchen area during setup.
  • Eitz Chaim needs members to help CLEAN UP each week. 2-3 members each Shabbat.
  • Everyone must volunteer once month. If you eat, you can help clean up.
  • Signup sheets are available in the kitchen each week. You will need to set the date on your calendar for a reminder.
  • Clean up volunteers should be at the front of the line behind the visitors and seniors and be ready to assist at 1:45 PM.

NOTE: This will be an afternoon to forgo visiting until cleanup is finished. You will arrive late to an afternoon meeting.

  • Please pick up personal dishes after Oneg before going to afternoon meetings. Your dish can be covered with plastic wrap if needed.
  • Volunteers are no longer washing member’s personal dishes.
  • Eitz Chaim does not have room to store personal dishes that have been forgotten.