Eitz Chaim Home Passover Seders – April 8-14, 2020

Eitz Chaim Home Passover Seders

April 8 (1st PM Seder) – April 14

This year Eitz Chaim will be encouraging all to be part of our

Congregational Wide Home Seders.

If you are a Home Group Leader or Zip Code Dinner Leader,

we will help you have a Home Seder for your group!

If you want to lead a Home Seder in your own home and want to invite other EC members, we are here to help!

Passover is a home-based holiday.

We need your home hospitality!

If you want to attend a Home Seder, both members and visitors,

we are here to help you be included in one of these groups!

Remember that Passover is one of the three feasts that all Israel is commanded to celebrate each year, for all your generations.  It is also an amazing picture of Yeshua, as we are redeemed through the Blood of the Lamb.  As a Messianic Synagogue, EC strongly encourages every family and every person to participate in one of our Home Seders. As the Scriptures command us in I Cor 5, we’re to Keep the Feast!

EC will provide you with detailed instructions, recipes, Seder Plates, props, and Order of Service Haggadahs, to make this User Friendly for everyone!


Please email us at info@ecdallas.org to get on our list!