Eitz Chaim Newsletter – Feb 15, 2020

Eitz-Chaim is a congregation committed to prayer, discipleship, and service. If you have a need or a prayer request, let us hear from you.

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This week’s Drash by

Rabbi David Schiller


All activities begin at 2:15 pm
Verse by verse Bible study Genesis 17 with Earl Smith
Purim Play Practice


For Purim this year, we will be leading up into it with a few mitzvah activities for the youth/children.

1. Tzedakah jars/boxes for the children to make offerings. These tzedakah will go to two places: EC Mercy Fund and Akiva Cohen’s ministry to the disabled children in Israel.

This will begin THIS Shabbat 2/15/2020, with the tzedakah jars out in the foyer.

2. Purim canned and dried food drive. This will also begin THIS Shabbat 2/15/2020 all gifts will be taken to the Jewish Family Services food pantry in Dallas TX on or by Purim as a mitzvah. Foods should be: non-perishable, dried or canned preferably with a hechsher (Kosher symbol). If you have questions about clean/kosher please click here. No meat. No refrigerated foods. Not expired.

3. We’re inviting our youth at Eitz Chaim to draw, paint, make art that is Purim-focused to be showcased in the lobby during Purim. All entries should be submitted to Margaret Klein or Beth Smith by 3/7/2020.

Eitz Chaim Home Passover Seders

April 8 (1st PM Seder) – April 14

This year Eitz Chaim will be encouraging all to be part of our

Congregational Wide Home Seders.

If you are a Home Group Leader or Zip Code Dinner Leader,

we will help you have a Home Seder for your group!

If you want to lead a Home Seder in your own home and want to invite other EC members, we are here to help!

Passover is a home-based holiday.

We need your home hospitality!

If you want to attend a Home Seder, both members and visitors,

we are here to help you be included in one of these groups!

Remember that Passover is one of the three feasts that all Israel is commanded to celebrate each year, for all your generations.  It is also an amazing picture of Yeshua, as we are redeemed through the Blood of the Lamb.  As a Messianic Synagogue, EC strongly encourages every family and every person to participate in one of our Home Seders. As the Scriptures command us in I Cor 5, we’re to Keep the Feast!

EC will provide you with detailed instructions, recipes, Seder Plates, props, and Order of Service Haggadahs, to make this User Friendly for everyone!

Please email us at info@ecdallas.org to get on our list!

Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas

5402 Arapaho Road
Dallas, TX 75248

In need of help finding a job, making a resume, learning to networking, job training?

Or what about counseling, emergency food, financial help or help with elderly family members? The Jewish Family Services of Dallas offers a number of services for people of all religions in the Dallas area. If you are interested in finding out what Jewish Family Services can do for you check out their web site by clicking on the link above.
This Month’s Free Job Seminars  
  • Mondays Open Employment Networking Group – Coach-led Discussions
  • Tuesday 2/11/2020 LinkedIn Workshop: Today’s Strategies That Get Results
  • Thursday 2/13/2020 9 Profitable Tips for Handling Salary Questions
  • Thursday 2/20/2020 The Easy Start Small Business Seminar
  • Thursday 2/27/2020 Top 10 Job Interview & Career Success Soft Skills
  • Thursday 3/5/2020 Supercharge Job Search with Reference USA
  • Thursday 3/16/2020 A Recruiters’ Resume Advice for Job Seekers!

For more information:  Click here

Aaron Family Jewish Community Center

YMJA Youth Retreat

Scholarships and subsidies are available for those in need.

Oneg means “delight”. It is a special time of food and fellowship. Visitors are welcome to participate in this ‘pot-blessing’ time of meeting new people and being encouraged in your faith by other believers.
We ask that all members and regular attendees bring food to share even if it is something small.

All food for the Oneg must be kosher (clean) by biblical standards; therefore, no pork products or shellfish will be served. Dairy, fish and chicken are acceptable, no other meats please.

Keep in mind some baked goods are made with lard and other pork products, if you have a question please see the link at the bottom of this panel on What is Kosher. The kitchen staff will be checking baked goods for ingredients.
You may notice signs on the food that indicate they are gluten free. We have many people who are sensitive to gluten and have marked these items as things that are safe for them to eat. If you are not sensitive to wheat and gluten please leave these items for those who cannot eat other items containing gluten. If you bring gluten free items or specialty foods please ask he kitchen staff to be sure they are marked when placed on the table. The kitchen has gluten free labels available.

Torah Portion of the Week

Yitro – Jethro
“Blind Faith”

Exodus 18:1-20:23
Isaiah 6:1-13
Matthew 5:8-20

Commentary by Mark Huey
Torah: Click Here
Haftarah: Click Here

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