Eitz Chaim Newsletter – Aug 03, 2019

Eitz-Chaim is a congregation committed to prayer, discipleship, and service. If you have a need or a prayer request, let us hear from you.

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This Week on Shabbat
Drash by Rabbi David Schiller
“Practical Mission in Our Every Day Lives.”
All groups meet at 2:30 pm
Men’s and Women’s meetings
Youth Group

During the Praise and Worship there will be rooms available in the office for Healing Prayer and other needs. Ben will make an announcement, and there will be periodic slides inviting folks to come back for prayer as they feel the need. We will have 3 rooms available, See one of the ushers for directions any time during the Praise and Worship service prior to the Message.

Zillah Jean Acheson was born Friday the 26th at 7:26AM. She weighs 8lb 1oz. Diane is doing very well and resting. We would like to bless the Acheson Family as they prepare to welcome their new daughter. Each week we are blessed by the anointing and skills of Rusty Acheson as he leads us in liturgy. It is time to bless them for this new arrival.

We are asking that you help provide a meal, main dish, or grocery items to help them through this time. Please package the meals in disposable containers. Meals and grocery items can be brought on Shabbat and stored in the freezer.

If you are able to make a meal or pick up a few things that would help them with a meal, here is a list of things Diane said they could use:

We do eat meat and milk together. We eat lots of fresh veggies, particularly colored bell peppers, cucumbers, celery, and broccoli. Rusty and I like steamed or stir fried veggies and the kids will tolerate them. We eat sweet potatoes, rice, black beans, and noodles (though usually the high protein noodles).

We like fresh fruit, particularly watermelon, blueberries, and strawberries. We like garlic in our food, but go real easy on the onion (or leave it out entirely). When we eat bread it is usually whole wheat or whole grain. We do like Mexican style food, or well-seasoned food, though I usually make my own seasoning mixes and make it less spicy for me and the kids. We love cheese, though the kids are very picky and will only eat sliced Muenster cheese or mozzarella cheese sticks. We eat Greek yogurt, usually vanilla flavored. We like a variety of chips and flavored crackers. Turkey lunch meat is the kids preferred lunch at the moment. Rusty doesn’t eat sour cream or mayo. I’m allergic to bell peppers, so we usually serve those separate. I also don’t eat olives or mushrooms, though Rusty loves both. Paper goods are also welcome.

Very easy to pick up one or two items and bring it on Shabbat.

New Men’s Group Beginning  July 11
Contact Dan Boron

Curious about what is clean and unclean?
What can you eat that is Kosher?
Not all products have a Kosher Seal but it doesn’t mean they have unkosher ingredients. Obtaining a Kosher seal costs money and some businesses don’t have the money to pay someone to perform a blessing and give them a seal.
Find out what’s clean and unclean at this site:
Clean and Unclean Food

Every Shabbat we are blessed to have MORE VISITORS join us for oneg. Because fellowship is an important part of Eitz Chaim’s ministry, we are asking
ALL MEMBERS and REGULAR ATTENDEES TO PARTICIPATE BY BRINGING A DISH, OR TWO, to Shul on Shabbat. Oneg is a time of sharing and fellowship

Torah Portion of the Week

Mattot ~ Tribes

“Vows, Unity, Brotherly Love”

Numbers 30:2-32:42
Jeremiah 1:1-2:3
James 4:1-12
Commentary by Mark Huey  Click Here

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