Eitz Chaim Newsletter – June 8, 2019

Eitz-Chaim is a congregation committed to prayer, discipleship, and service. If you have a need or a prayer request, let us hear from you.

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This Week on Shabbat
Drash by Rabbi David Schiller
“Shavuot 2019 – You shall have no other gods before Me. For I, the LORD, am a Jealous God.”

We will have a regular Oneg right after services and then a traditional Shavuot dairy nosh late afternoon. Please bring food for Oneg AND a snack of cut cheese, cut veggies, crackers, chips and dip, cheesecake, blintzes and nuts. Dairy is the traditional “Holy Day” food for Shavuot. Keep in mind there will be many guests so bring enough to share with many.There will be NO kitchen crew in the afternoon. Bring your snacks prepared and ready to eat preferably in disposable containers.
Please READ thoroughly!
Bring your First Fruits offering to the kitchen in the morning. Someone will be there to put a label on it that says First Fruits. All First Fruits offerings will be stored appropriately until the First Fruits ceremony in the afternoon. When the ceremony begins you will be instructed to go out the side doors

of the sanctuary, near the kitchen and retrieve your First Fruits offering. All offerings will at that time be out on the kitchen counter, just take yours and go to the lobby to prepare for the First Fruits procession into the sanctuary.

Today in worship and in Concert
Ted Pearce
Ted will be leading worship during the service in the morning services beginning at 10:30 am.  
Mini concert after First Fruits Ceremony at 4 pm. 

Opportunities to Help our Brothers and Sisters
Stacy & Ben Wilcox have welcomed their new daughter

Sheliya Elizabeth Wilcox was born on 05/25/2019 at 05:55pm weighing 8lbs and 19 3/4 inches long.
Please help the family out by bringing a meal on Shabbat. Please package the meals in disposable containers.

Each week we are blessed by the anointing and skills of Ben Wilcox as he leads us in worship. It is now our turn to bless Ben and his family as they adjust to life with a new baby.

We are asking that you help provide a meal, main dish, or grocery items to help them through this time. Please do not make any spicy meals or add onions. Please package the meals in disposable containers. Meals can be brought on Shabbat and stored in the freezer.

If you are unable to make a meal, here is a list of things Stacy said they could use: Paper plates, Disposable cups, Yogurt, Sliced cheese, Toilet paper, Granola bars, Bread, Raisin bagels, Bottled water, Orange juice, Honey, Non GMO cereal, Land O Lakes spreadable butter with olive oil (no canola oil).
Very easy to pick up one or two items and bring it on Shabbat.

David and Julissa Vazquez have moved into a duplex.

Because they are coming from an RV, they have no furniture whatsoever.

They are in need of beds, mattresses, cabinets, couches, tables, chairs, everything. If you have any spare furniture please contact Eitz Chaim Office info@ecdallas.org

Shalom New York

(Scholarships are available on a need basis)

In the summer of 2019, believers from all over the United States (and some from around the world), will gather in New York City to proclaim the good news of the Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) to our beloved Jewish people.

Aside from our usual cutting-edge training, street ministry, and follow up, Shalom New York 2019 will feature two major evening outreach events, teams living and working in the heart of Manhattan, and specialized outreaches to the Ultra-Orthodox and Russian Jewish Communities of Brooklyn and beyond.

If you love to share your faith and you have a heart for Israel and the Jewish people, Shalom New York 2019 may be the most significant opportunity you will ever have to realize God’s great evangelical purpose for your life!
For More Information Click here

If you as a Senior Need help with a household chore – please talk with Terry Watson 972-898-7877 so he can schedule your project.


   Wednesday JUNE 5 is the last day to REGISTER for this event.

June 30th  Abilene Men and Women
Contact Gene Bridges   Info@ECDallas.org

Contact Dan Boron when you make your reservations so you can be added to the planning emails.

Every Shabbat we are blessed to have MORE VISITORS join us for oneg. Because fellowship is an important part of Eitz Chaim’s ministry, we are asking
ALL MEMBERS and REGULAR ATTENDEES TO PARTICIPATE BY BRINGING A DISH, OR TWO, to Shul on Shabbat. Oneg is a time of sharing and fellowship

Torah Portion of the Week

Bamidbar ~ In the wilderness

“More Than Just a Number”

Numbers 1:1-4:20
Hosea 2:1-22 

Romans 9:22-33 
Commentary by Mark Huey   Click here

Registration is open now Click Here

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