Eitz Chaim Newsletter – June 02, 2018

Eitz-Chaim is a congregation committed to prayer, discipleship, and service. If you have a need or a prayer request, let us hear from you.

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This Week on Shabbat

Weekly Drash by Vladimir Pikman

“Spirit Filled Messianic Evangelism”

“The Holy Spirit leads people into the  

divine presence and uses us for this sake.”


2:00 pm Men and Women’s Meetings

2:30 Hispanic Ministry

Annual EC Business Meeting
on Sat, June 9 at 2:30 PM

During the Praise and Worship there will be rooms available in the office for Healing Prayer and other needs. Ben will make an announcement, and there will be periodic slides inviting folks to come back for prayer as they feel the need. We will have 3 rooms available,  See one of the ushers for directions any time during the Praise and Worship service prior to the Message.

Forward your Prayer requests to Dan Boron


Please Specify if you want it published or not.   

You can call OR text. If you text please add your name.

Feast of Tabernacles

Feast of Tabernacles  for all who are on our Tabernacles list (sign up :  danboron0@gmail.com)
We are quickly narrowing the choices down IF you have a location you want us to consider,
please let me know TODAY.
Reservations will be made by YOU soon
(if you plan to attend).
Step One Pick a campground  NEARLY THERE
Step two  Pick a THEME
(please pray about this – we will be looking to discuss this soon)
Step Three – Children’s activities  Volunteers
Step four – Adult teaching times  Volunteers
Step five –  Group Activities   Volunteers
Step six – Music  Volunteers
Step Seven – Food planning  Do we want any potluck dinners together
Feast of Tabernacles is September 23-30 this year.

An Opportunity to serve one another
Jerry and Melissa Henderson are asking for hands on help after the baby is born. The baby is due July 5th. Jerry will be able to take a couple days off from work but not many.  Melissa will need help for at least two weeks after delivery taking care of Ari and the baby, getting some rest, meals, and basic cleaning around the apartment.  They also wanted to ask if there is someone willing to come over and babysit a couple hours as needed June, July, August, and September they would try to compensate for their time and help.

God is the fire in us: He is the energy, the fuel burning in us. The basis of our service is not spiritual training or learning, zeal, ability, and knowledge, neither is it the need for service; the unique basis of our service has to be the fire from the altar.

If we carry out the service based on anything else besides the fire from the altar, we may incur judgement upon our service. The Lord may allow us to serve Him in this age not having the proper basis, but He will not let us go in the next age; things may go well today but the fire will come and will test everything.
We need to be before the Lord concerning our service so that He may shine on us thoroughly; our service has to have God as the source, with the heavenly vision, in the Body, according to the divine revelation, in our spirit in the gospel, with the proper humanity, and the basis of our service has to be the fire from the altar.Our God is a Consuming Fire (Heb. 12:29)

~ Anonymous godman.com

Torah Portion of the Week 

B’ha’alotkha – When you set up
“Divine Guidance”

Numbers 8:1-12:16
Zechariah 2:14-4:7
Revelation 11:1-19
Torah Commentary by Mark Huey

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