Eitz Chaim Newsletter – May 05, 2018

Eitz-Chaim is a congregation committed to prayer, discipleship, and service. If you have a need or a prayer request, let us hear from you.

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This Week on Shabbat

Weekly Drash by Rabbi David Schiller
Prayer and Fasting
Isaiah 62
2 pm Men’s Meeting The Gift of Manhood
2 pm Women’s Meeting
2 pm Youth Meeting Jr. & Sr High
2:30 pm Hispanic Group
2:30 Kids activities Ages 6-12

On Shabbat May 5, During Prayer and Praise, there will be rooms available in the office for Healing Prayer and other needs. Ben will make an announcement, and there will be periodic slides inviting folks to come back for prayer as they feel the need. We will have 3 rooms available,  See one of the ushers for directions any time during the Prayer and Praise service.

National Day of Prayer on May 3rd
Tomorrow, the first Thursday in May.

Central Christian Church is personally inviting Eitz Chaim to visit the Come and Go Prayer Room at Central Christian Church in Room 204, which will be open from 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon.   Come and take part in this nationwide prayer effort to ask God to bring Unity to our Nation, our Congregations, and our diverse peoples and ethnicities.     We are invited to come pray at your own pace and according to the schedule that best fits your day.   They have prayer resources set up in the Prayer Room so we can have an intense experience of intercessory prayer for our country’s leaders, businesses, military and first responders, media, families, churches, and educational institutions.

Take your wife out for a very special Mother’s Day Date.
Members of our College and Career class
are volunteering to provide child care for the evening. 
May 12, 6:30 to 11:00 pm
RSVP BY Thursday May 10
Eitz Chaim/Central Christian Church building
Our College age group will be here to entertain and take care of your children while you honor their mother.
We will play games with your children, do some crafts, give them something to eat and have a really great time with them.
This is a gift to you from our college age members.   This is a chance for your children to meet other children from like-minded families.

Must make reservations so we can plan crafts and refreshments for the evening.   Text to 972-423-9557.

Tell us Children by Name and age.     Dan Boron

Forward your Prayer requests to Dan Boron 

Please Specify if you want it published or not.   

You can call OR text. If you text please add your name.

Heb. 12:29 For our God is also a consuming fire.Our God is a consuming fire (see Heb. 12:29; Deut. 4:24; 9:3). Fire consumes, and as it consumes, it purifies, energizes, brightens, and causes us to shine. Fires are fierce, severe, and to be feared; we should not play with fire.

Our God likens Himself to a consuming fire; fire is merciless: it consumes everything in its way. We should not think that we served the Lord for many years and so we’re fine; when fire comes, it is merciless, and anything that’s not compatible with God’s nature will be burnt away. ~ Anonymous

Every Shabbat we are blessed to have MORE VISITORS join us for oneg. Because fellowship is an important part of Eitz Chaim’s ministry, we are asking ALL MEMBERS and REGULAR ATTENDEES TO PARTICIPATE BY BRINGING A DISH, OR TWO, to Shul on Shabbat. Dairy parve only (no meat, chicken or crustaceans) See detailed guidelines on our website.

Torah Portion of the Week 

Emor ~ Speak
“Priests, Feasts, Equally Speaking”

Leviticus 21:1-24:23
Ezekiel 44:15-31
Luke 14:12-24; 19-20 

Torah Commentary by Mark Huey

Eitz-Chaim Congregation

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