Eitz Chaim Newsletter – January 20, 2018

Eitz-Chaim is a congregation committed to prayer, discipleship, and service. If you have a need or a prayer request, let us hear from you.

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This Week on Shabbat

Weekly Drash by Rabbi David Schiller

New Series: The Parables of Yeshua.

The Parable of the Good Samaritan.

The ministry of mercy, helping the poor and needy, and recognizing that a changed heart, transformed by God’s mercy for us, will result in each of us being merciful towards others.


2 pm: Yeshiva with John McKee, Introducing the Divinity of Yeshua

Click here to download the class handout

Keep your fire burning during the week. Pray, worship, read the Word! If you’ve lost the fire of God, cry out for more. The more fire you carry the more of God’s glory we experience corporately. The rest of us are counting on you!

Eitz Chaim Women’s Group

Brunch Fellowship

January 21, 10 am
Blue Mesa Grill
 7700 W. Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75255
Open to all women in the congregation, bring your appitite, a smile and a few dollars for the tip. Brunch paid for by the congregation, just bring a little cash for the tip. 
Must have a head count by January 20.
Please see Margaret Huey or contact her at
or 407-933-2002

Starting February 3, 2018
Eitz Chaim New Foundations Class

The Eitz Chaim New Foundations-New Members
class is held twice a year:
once in the Spring, and once in the Fall.

The New Foundations-New Members class is open to everyone, but it is required for those who are interested in becoming a member of Eitz Chaim.

For more information Click here.

Prison Ministry: See Gene Bridges for New Opportunities


Celebrate Sukkot 2018
Israel 70th Year Anniversary

Departing September 20 afternoon
Returning October 2nd
Estimated Cost for Flight and Tour: $2800 – $3200 per person
Need committed count by 1/20, Deposit by 2/3
Email your name and number adults, children (and their ages) to  JeffClarke@myMDI.org

2 nights Tel Aviv
Jaffa Port
Shabbat Services
Saturday night beach/shopping
Arrive 10am Sept 21 in time for Erev Shabbat / Shabbat the 22nd
1 night Haifa
Mount Carmel
Baha’I Gardens
Elijah’s Cave
Sept 23
2 nights
Mount Tabor
Tiberias / Mt Arbel
Ein Gev for lunch 9/25
Boat Ride
Sept 24-25
2 nights Dead Sea
Timna Park
Tabernacle in the Wilderness
Dead Sea
Qumran Caves
Ein Gedi
Sept 26-27
4 nights Jerusalem
David’s Citadel
Old City / Kotel
Hezekiah’s Tunnel
Mt of Olives
Temple Institute
City of David
Yad Vashem
Sept 28-Oct 1
Depart Oct 2 (11:45am)

Bo – Go
“Faithful Physical Actions Depict Spiritual Realities”Exodus 10:1-13:16; Jeremiah 46:13-28; Mark 3:7-19

Commentary by Mark Huey Click here

Every Shabbat we are blessed to have MORE VISITORS join us for oneg. Because fellowship is an important part of Eitz Chaim’s ministry, we are asking ALL MEMBERS and REGULAR ATTENDEES TO PARTICIPATE BY BRINGING A DISH, OR TWO, to Shul on Shabbat. Dairy parve only (no meat, chicken or crustaceans) See detailed guidelines on our website. PLEASE LET OUR VISITORS AND SENIOR CITIZENS GO TO THE HEAD OF THE LINE. ALL CHILDREN SHOULD GO THROUGH THE LINE WITH THEIR PARENTS PLEASE!

Just a reminder Eitz Chaim does not “pass the plate” we have a tzedakah box at the back of the sanctuary for tithes and donations.
2 Corinthians 8:3-4 For I testify that according to their ability, and beyond their ability, they gave of their own accord, begging us with much urging for the favor of participation in the support of the saints.
Some early believers suffered persecution that put them in a serious financial hardship. They relied on the help of the rest of the Body of Messiah which was provided with joy. The Body has grown to what it is today and more than ever some believers need the help of others. Supporting the saints financially is a biblical mandate that translates into great blessings for both those who give and those who receive, not to mention those reached with the Gospel and saved as a result. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a biblical win/win/win situation? ~Olivier Melnick

Eitz-Chaim Congregation

MEETING ADDRESS: 1651 E. Campbell Road Richardson, TX 75082
MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 832568 Richardson TX 75083
Services: 10:30 AM, Saturday
Phone: 972-231-3884