Community & Outreach

Eitz Chaim is called to be a Messianic Jewish Community:

“Messianic” in that we desire to be truly Messiah-centered, believing that G-d sent Yeshua as Messiah to fulfill the historic hopes and destiny of Israel and that He is the focal point of the Jewish Scriptures.

“Jewish” in that we seek the good of Israel and embrace our common culture, interest and hopes. We seek to grow in a lifestyle of Biblical Judaism, reveal the true identity of Yeshua the Messiah to Israel and the world, support Israel and the Jewish people, and call our brothers and sisters in the Body of Messiah to the proper understanding of G-d’s Covenant promises to Israel and their physical and spiritual restoration.

“Community” in that we truly desire to be mishpochah or family. We want to grow a faith community where Jews and Gentiles are one in Messiah.

  • We are committed to love and serve one another, looking to the first Jerusalem congregation as our primary model (Acts 2:42-47).
  • We are committed to bear witness to Messiah’s presence in our lives by our love for one another and dwelling in unity, thus demonstrating to the wider community of Jewish and non-Jewish people of G-d’s faithfulness in breaking down former walls of alienation and enmity.
  • We are committed to be a community defined by the following attitudes/actions: passionately caring for one another, serving each other, helping support one another in times of need, and encouraging each other to grow together in the L-rd. We believe in mutual respect and accountability, with the goal of growing more and more into the image of our Messiah.

We endeavor to express our community through:

Shabbat Worship Services: We delight in the Shabbat, a day of rest, worship and meditation on G-d’s Word, a time to refocus on and follow Yeshua, the L-rd of Shabbat.

Biblical and Jewish Holidays: As a community, we celebrate the Biblical feasts of Israel and Jewish holidays, recognizing both their prophetic significance and their historical importance in pointing to the Messiah, His Kingdom, and rejoicing in the salvation of G-d.

Lifecycle Events: In obedience to the Scriptures and in honor of the traditions of our fathers, we observe the various seasons of life, including b’rit milah (circumcision), bar and bat mitzvah, weddings under the chupah, and other Jewish rites. These are gifts from G-d which help us implement His ways in our everyday lives.

Education: In seeking the continuance of our spiritual heritage, our priority is to train up our children in the way they should go, from nursery through adulthood. We walk out this vision through our Junior Shabbat program, Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes, Hebrew education, Young Adults group, New Foundations Class, weekly Bible Studies on Saturdays, and weekly Torah studies on Tuesdays.

Family Life: Family life is supported in a number of ways, involving both monthly Men’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry, Hispanic Family Gathering, various Home Groups, Weekly Prayer meeting on Tuesdays, and Weekly Women’s Craft Guild on Tuesdays.