March 3, 2018 – “Hacking Agag to Pieces – To Obey is Better than Sacrifice.” – by David Schiller

“Rabbi Schiller’s special Purim drash focuses on the failure of Saul to kill King Agag, which eventually allowed Haman to come to power, as a template for our own lives, not to compromise or give any place to sin, which will result in spiritual strongholds, but to take every thought, word, attitude and action captive to Messiah Yeshua.”

February 17, 2018 – “The Prodigal Son Revisited – the Power of Sonship.” – by David Schiller

“Rabbi Schiller revisits the Parable of the Prodigal Son by looking at the themes of sonship, adoption into God’s family, and being heirs with Messiah. We see how sonship results in deep security, intimate access, existential experience, future hope, and true community of iron sharpening iron.”

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January 27, 2018 – “The Parable of the Prodigal Sons.” – by David Schiller

“In Part 2 of his Parable series, Rabbi Schiller examines the Parable of the Prodigal Sons, where not only is the Younger Son lost in his outward sins, but the Elder Son is equally lost in his spiritual pride, self-righteousness & judgmentalism. Only a heart melted by Y’Shua can bring us home.”

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